Marigold Memories has to give us credit for launching them. Vishal wasn't into wedding photography back in 2010. Ours was just the second wedding that he covered. What we liked about him was the conviction with which he spoke. I remember my entire family being present, with questions coming from all over the room. The way he answered, we really did not believe he was just a beginner in the business. What we liked about him was the fact he did not lie or sugar-coat things. He was very clear about what they could provide us and what they couldn't and what they did provide us was top notch. We are really glad we chose Marigold Memories for our wedding photography. Their professional approach and creative vision made our wedding photos truly stand out. We wanted candid shots that captured the raw emotions of the day, and they delivered beyond our expectations. If you're looking for the best wedding studio in Mumbai, look no further!
Krutika & Rahul

Vishal made sure that he understood our entire story before he started working on our save the date. He kept asking questions to get it absolutely on point. Even while conceptualizing the entire video, he was constantly in touch with us for every small detail. Working with him was unbelievable fun, and he really made us reminisce our journey from being just friends to getting married. 
Niyati & Harsh

When it came to choosing a wedding photographer, we knew we wanted someone who could capture the essence of our special day with a professional touch. That's where Marigold Memories came in. Their creative and candid photography style truly set them apart. From the moment we met them, we knew we were in good hands. They're undoubtedly the best wedding studio in Mumbai!

Our wedding day was a whirlwind of emotions, and thanks to Marigold Memories, every moment was beautifully captured. Their professional yet personal approach made us feel at ease throughout the entire process. Their creative vision and candid photography style resulted in photos that truly tell our story.
Vijaya & Mayur

We had gone through several wedding photographers in Mumbai before we finalized on Marigold Memories. Eliminating was a big task as there was very little separating the final 3/4 teams. What immediately tipped the scale towards Marigold Memories was the fact that they give you only the edited photos. I had a few friends who got an entire dump of several thousand photos and they had to select a few to be 'edited'. They never really got around doing that. Quality over quantity is what we liked and what we got. Thanks. 
Purti & Abhiram

I am a second engineer in the merchant navy and I had to sail within 2 weeks of my wedding. We asked Marigold Memories if they could deliver the photos and videos before I left. They had refused, saying at least a month will be required for a good job. To our surprise, a couple of days before I had to leave, we got the delivery of our photos and the video too. I was really grateful for this and it made my day. Would highly recommend Marigold Memories to everyone. 
Amulya & Pallavi

Punctuality is something that stood out with Marigold Memories. Right from our very first meeting to delivery, this guy was always there before us. Never had to wait even for a minute. He really values your time and his team is available at the drop of a hat. Thanks Vishal for everything. 
Sweta & Jeevan

Our experience with Marigold Memories was nothing short of amazing. Their professional yet personal approach made us feel like we were working with friends. Their creative flair and attention to detail resulted in stunning photos that we'll cherish for a lifetime. Without a doubt, the best wedding studio in Mumbai.
Aarjavi & Rohit

We can't thank Marigold Memories enough for capturing the magic of our wedding day. Their candid photography perfectly captured the joy and love we felt that day. From the intimate moments to the grand celebrations, every shot was beautifully executed. Hands down, the best wedding studio in Mumbai!
Pooja & Vivek

From the moment we met Marigold Memories, we knew they were the perfect choice for our wedding photography. Their professional demeanor and creative vision set them apart from the rest. Their candid shots beautifully captured the essence of our special day.
Niyati & Vivek

We live in Netherlands and our parents got in touch with Vishal and his amazing team for our wedding photography. Unfortunately, Covid struck and our Indian wedding got postponed indefinitely. Kudos to Marigold Memories for alleviating our fears of going through the entire process again. He told us ehe will be there to cover our wedding whenever it happens. Two years after the actual plan we got married. We couldn't be happier that they stuck with us. Our photos were amazing and we have made a friend in him. Their professional yet personable approach made us feel comfortable from the very beginning. Their creative eye for detail ensured that every moment was captured perfectly. Also, the album that he designed and developed for us was brilliant. Thanks team MM truly the best wedding photography studio around.
Lotte & Vinit
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